Real-time wellbeing and culture analytics, for individuals and organisations.

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Why me@mybest?

me@mybest is a people analytics platform that helps individuals and organisations to be at their best.

Employees receive personalised insights into the factors affecting their wellbeing and tools to help improve it. They also provide anonymous data back to the organisation about the culture, enabling leadership to understand how to best nurture a productive, high-wellbeing environment from the top down.


Employee first surveys

Data typically goes one way from the employee to the company, however me@mybest turns this on its head, providing personalised insights to employees while giving much better data to the organisation.


Gain insights while improving

me@mybest is the only platform to employ the OECD’s gold standard method of wellbeing measurement. It provides high quality, real-time data, generating unrivalled insights while simultaneously improving the wellbeing of employees.


Quantify the impact on the bottom line

me@mybest quantifies the impact of psychological wellbeing and culture on bottom line business outcomes like productivity, staff turnover and absenteeism, so the ROI into culture and wellbeing can be ascertained.


Based on academic research

me@mybest is the evolution of the world’s largest research project into momentary happiness, conducted by PSYT's CTO at LSE - Mappiness.

From over 3.5m data points it was found that people’s unhappiest activity second only to being ill in bed was work! This is a major social issue as this is where we spend the majority of our waking lives.

We created me@mybest to help remedy this.


“Mappiness is fantastic”

Dorothy Miell
President of the British Psychological

me@mybest for the employer

me@mybest provides real-time data, so leaders can act in the moment.

Understand how the culture of your company, and the mental and physical wellbeing of your employees, are impacting organisational health and business outcomes.

Undertake bespoke projects to gain insights on initiatives such as mergers, training courses, flexible working and leadership changes on business outcomes.

me@mybest for the employee

me@mybest is created for the employee first. It has been shown to increase happiness and productivity by 5% in just 4 weeks use.

me@mybest incorporates company-wide mindfulness and physical wellbeing programmes that can be accompanied by live and webinar training.


“If you want to practise mindfulness but just can’t get your mind to sit still, this app is a fantastic help. It’s a great marriage between technology & proven techniques for inner calm.”

Ruby Wax
Comedian, Actor, Mindfulness Practitioner and
Author of Frazzled

“me@mybest helps us to understand the true value of organisational culture and wellbeing to the Society. Engagement with the tool has been great, and the insights we get back are helping us to focus on the right things.”

Becky Hewitt
Director of People, Leeds Building Society

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