Creating change that lasts

Transform your learning and development programmes into action based courses to create changes that last

Behaviour change

Self-development courses, seminars and books are inspiring. We’re moved by the anecdotes, convinced by the research and can’t wait to put the advice into action.  But…we don’t.

Behaviour change is hard! Our self-control is not always spot on, we tend to get distracted by immediate gratification and can be a little lazy. This is where technology can help. Or more specifically, persuasive technology, a term coined by Stanford Researcher, B.J. Fogg. When we incorporate psychological research into product design, technology has the power to guide us through behaviour change. Apps can help us act on our inspiration and improve our likelihood of enacting behaviours.

Adding value to your solutions

We help you transform your learning and development content into action based courses, that are embedded into daily routine to form habits and create real change.  You can create courses to stand alone or to supplement your live training.

Create more effective behaviour change programmes

Digitise, productise and scale your content

Prove your programme’s value

Persuasive Technology

Based on the latest techniques in behaviour change, we’ve built a platform using “persuasive technology” to help form habits.

Be specific and make it easy

We will help you tailor your content to create clear, concise mirco actions, that can be easily performed and logged with the app.

Engaging content

People learn best by doing and we make this easy using interactive exercises that can include audio meditations, videos, reflective exercises, journaling, quizzes and even biofeedback. Bring your content to life.

Prompt behaviours

Often the hardest thing to implementing a new habit is simply remembering to do it. We include the latest design in app based notifications to allow people to set reminders to trigger and motivate the behaviours they want to practice.

Feedback and rewards

We gamify your content providing personalised feedback and rewards to significantly increase engagement.