New Data shows Donald Trump’s election win was the most miserable day in UK in over 6 years

As the inauguration of Donald Trump takes place this week, new research from University of Sussex economist, Dr MacKerron, has uncovered that Trump’s win had a staggering effect across the pond. His analysis revealed that 9th November 2016 - the day Donald Trump was elected - was the unhappiest day of the year. In fact, it wasn’t just the unhappiest day of 2016, it was the UK’s most miserable day in over 6 years.

In fact, it wasn’t just the unhappiest day of 2016, it was the UK’s most miserable day in over 6 years. “We used the Mappiness database from my research at LSE - 3.5 million responses contributed by 65,000. UK users - to calculate the mean happiness levels of our users every day since August 2010. In almost six and a half years, there has been no day more miserable than Wednesday 9 November, the day the US election was called for Donald Trump”, Dr MacKerron said.

At only 57.7% happy, Trump’s election victory was more thoroughly depressing than the gales, oods and power cuts of Storm Imogen (Monday 8 February 2016, 57.9% happy, rank #2). It was also worse than news of the UK’s decision to leave the EU (Fri- day 24 June 2016, 59.2% happy, rank #4).

While the most miserable day was the day Trump was elected, the study also uncovered that our most miserable activity was being at work, second only to being ill!

As a result, Dr MacKerron and Nick Begley, previous Head of Research at mindfulness company Headspace, have teamed up and created Psychological Technologies (PSYT Ltd.) a social impact company dedicated to better measure and help improve people’s psychological wellbeing.

They will shortly be releasing a successor app to Mappiness, called me@life. Nick says “We’re launching the app to help individuals gain insights into the factors that most impact their own wellbeing. At the same time, users will also be contributing invaluable data to help us understand how we can create better workplaces more conducive to our collective wellbeing.”

Ahead of the me@life launch, PSYT today reveal a teaser, in their innovative mindfulness tool – Rebalance with Mindfulness. The app is designed to make mindfulness accessible to everyone though a simple, visual and interactive process. Available for free, more details are available at: