• I came to PSYT because of their experience in applying cutting-edge technology to psychological data collection. Experience Sampling has many advantages over typical methods. They asked all the right questions, and delivered an app that was better than we could have hoped for, quickly and within budget. The app attract a huge amount of media attention and we had tens of thousands of research subjects in just a few weeks. Now we're getting to work with a wealth of high-quality experience sampling data that provides remarkable insights far beyond that which could be obtained from typical survey techniques. I can highly recommend working with PSYT.

    Sophie von Stumm
    Lab Director - Goldsmiths,
    University of London
  • PSYT worked closely with us to realize our ideal mobile research tool. Their expertise in psychology, measurement and mobile apps made them our perfect technology partners. They’ve been incredibly responsive to all of our needs throughout the app development process, and have gone above and beyond in terms of service. Users love how the app feeds back analysis of their own response data, and we love how easy it is to access, analyze and gain insights from the data as it comes in. They are truly wonderful to work with!

    Wendy Hasenkamp
    Senior Scientific Officer
    Mind & Life Institute