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Mappiness research reveals Trump’s election day unhappiest in 6 years

How did you feel about Trump being elected?
Recent research by PSYT’s co-founder and CTO, Dr MacKerron, revealed that the day Donald Trump was elected was in fact the most miserable day in the UK in over 6 years. He also found from his research, that while the most miserable day was the day Donald Trump got elected to one of the most powerful positions in the world, he found that our most miserable activity, second only to being ill in bed, is work.

PSYT are now on a mission to understand what factors most impact our wellbeing, why, and how we can improve it. That’s why we’re launching two new apps Mappiness 2.0 and Rebalance. Sign up below.

Distribution of UK's Average Daily Happiness

Based on 3.5 million Mappiness responses over 6 years

Mappiness 2.0

Mappiness 2.0 is the successor to Mappiness. It will investigate what most affects our happiness and in particular why we are so unhappy at work and what we can do to improve it. Users will discover how their relationships, work, exercise, sleep and many other factors impact their wellbeing.

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