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Trump Global Misery

Mappiness research reveals Trump’s election day unhappiest in 6 years

How did you feel about Trump being elected?
Recent research by PSYT’s co-founder and CTO, Dr MacKerron, revealed that the day Donald Trump was elected was in fact the most miserable day in the UK in over 6 years. He also found from his research, that while the most miserable day was the day Donald Trump got elected to one of the most powerful positions in the world, he found that our most miserable activity, second only to being ill in bed, is work.

PSYT are now on a mission to understand what factors most impact our wellbeing, why, and how we can improve it. That’s why we’re launching two new apps Mappiness 2.0 and Rebalance. Sign up below.

Distribution of UK's Average Daily Happiness

Based on 3.5 million Mappiness responses over 6 years

Mappiness 2.0

Mappiness 2.0 is the successor to Mappiness. It will investigate what most affects our happiness and in particular why we are so unhappy at work and what we can do to improve it. Users will discover how their relationships, work, exercise, sleep and many other factors impact their wellbeing.

App exclusively available to the first 1,000 email signups.


“If you want to practice mindfulness but just can't get your mind to sit still, this app is a fantastic help. It’s a great marriage between technology and proven techniques for inner calm.”
Ruby Wax, Actor and Author of Frazzled


PSYT specialises in creating real-time data collection apps for academic research using the experience sampling method (ESM) and ecological momentary assessment (EMA).


PSYT designs apps to help people improve their wellbeing and gain awareness into the factors that affect it.


PSYT uses innovative people analytics tools to help employees and employers gain insights into the culture, wellbeing and engagement of their organisation.


Our mission

PSYT exists to help individuals live happy, fulfilling and productive lives. We believe that large-scale, positive change begins with improving the well-being of individuals. To achieve this, we enable people to understand and get the best out of themselves and others - at home, at work, at school, and beyond.

Since much of our life is spent at work, PSYT collaborates with both individuals and organisations to promote well-being that is

mutually beneficial. PSYT also works with leading academics at the forefront of research. We provide innovative technology that allows researchers to use state-of-the-art research designs to capture data.

PSYT continues to learn from the individuals, researchers, and organisations we work with in order to create original and exciting ways to improve the lives of others.


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