We specialise in creating real-time data-collection apps for academic and commercial research using the experience sampling method (ESM) and ecological momentary assessment (EMA)
  • Mappiness

    Mappiness measures how people's emotions are affected by their environment — air pollution, noise, weather, green spaces, blue spaces and so on. You also learn about how your happiness is affect by the time of day, by who you are with and what you are doing.

    "Mappiness is fantastic"
    Dorothy Miell / President of the British Psychological Society
  • Qwantify

    Qwantify is a research project that investigates the relationship between desire and happiness. You can learn how desires affect your mood, stress, and well-being. Understanding the pull of wants might help make life a bit better.

  • Wesense

    WeSense helps create cities that are more attractive, healthier, equitable and safer. Piloting in Amsterdam, the goal is to learn more about your perception of urban environments and what effects these surroundings have on you. On wesense.info, the latest data will be publicly displayed.

  • moo-Q

    moo-Q investigates the relationship between mood and brainpower. The app records your positive and negative affect, your memory ability and processing speed. You can learn more about when your brain works most effectively and train your brain’s working memory capacity and processing speed.

  • EmoTrak

    EmoTrak is an app developed in partnership with Eve Ekman from UCSF that asks daily questions about your experience of emotion. This form of ecological momentary assessment (EMA) has been found to be successful at promoting awareness and behavior change. It helps develop mindfulness of emotions and self reflection so users can more skillfully navigate their individual and interpersonal interactions.